Give me an excuse to paint minis for loved ones ☺️


Knife Painting

I’ve been bored and trying a few different things with painting. I’d like to be better at abstract artwork. I like the impression of an image without being too detailed. I’ve tried a few attempts that ended up in the trash but at least I’m working on it! Here is a little piece I’m playing with right now… 9″ x 7″ on canvas board.C7ABD713-A01A-42E2-8B2A-EF708B7E3303



I have been contemplating the use of gesso recently.  I’ve never used it but recently the canvases, especially the canvas boards I use,  have been giving me some grief.  Especially when I get through painting a background only to notice the tiny white gaps where my paint hasn’t reached. This drives me crazy, even more so when I realize it after my paint mix is dried up.  There is nothing worse than spending time trying to mix the right colours to fix this sort of thing.  It has been one of those annoying little issues that I never did anything about lol. So I am finally going to invest in some liquid gesso.  Let’s see how it goes.  I really want to use it on the toothy canvas boards.  I just hope it’s worth the extra step in prepping!



Winter is here…

I’ll start by posting the few winter paintings I’ve created around the holidays.  Golden acrylic paint on simple cotton canvas board.  I have also started using a mixed media sketchbook  for creating new ideas.  Painting small before throwing paint on a larger project helps to minimize wasting material 😉  I do paint on regular canvas but it’s almost time to make a trip to the art store for more supplies.  Eventually I’ll upload some previous work, I just have to search through my photos I saved on another device first….now I just have to figure out this platform lol